Count your blessings and value them, not the problems!

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It was Saturday afternoon when my kids and husband were taking afternoon nap and I was sipping a cup of hot coffee at the window glancing at the snowflakes outside. Such moments are rare when I get time for myself as generally during these hours I cook dinner or finish my office pile ups. Luckily, we had dinner planned at friends place so it was a no cooking day for me and I was at leisure.

It was not the usual day for me, I was quite depressed since morning as I got angry on the tiny human beings whom I made. I tried to be patient but somehow nothing worked and I lost it totally. Honestly, I was agitated with another reason that was pinching me inside and I exploded my anger on the mini me’s. Unfair, I know! But whatever happened could not be undone but that made me ponder upon the priorities in my life.

I was expecting a deal in office for which I had worked really hard for months but that didn’t get materialized and left me distressed. Moreover, I was unable to focus on blogging and had a writer’s block. I missed a few collaborations and paid opportunities too because of the other commitments at workplace. So, it was all chaos around and my expectations were causing anxiety. Flooded with such thoughts, restlessly, I turned towards the wall and looked at the picture of my kids and instantly, a tear rolled down my cheeks kissing my smiling lips.

Was the deal more important than the kids? Or that writing contest or those collabs? Kids are never going to remember how many deals I had cracked at my work but will always cherish the moments of joy spent together playing and cuddling with me. They will not remember whether I won or lost any contests but will definitely treasure the family outings. How many brands I had endorsed will never give them happiness but dancing and reading with them together, will. I questioned myself, “Did I start writing for winning or proving myself to anyone or competing with others?” And the answer was a clear and big NO!!! It was just for my peace and solace. Then how and why it affected me to such extent that I chose it over my honey bees.

This incident again reminded me of the fact that no job, no contest, no laurel, no collab is going to hearten me or uplift my mood but my family, my kids, my husband will always be there. All matters in the end is how happy and contented I am and what makes me elated is the giggles of my kids, their random hugs and morning snuggles whereas many couples long to have their babies. A doting and loving husband who stands like a rock all the time whereas many struggle to come out of their dying relationship. My family back home who loves me unconditionally, few wonderful friends who always have an ear to my problems, a cozy shelter over my head which is a luxury for many who spend their nights on the bench in the park or footpath, ability to feed my family which is a dream for many helpless people who feed water to their hungry kids to make them sleep. All these things are a blessing which we don’t realise and value.

We often tend to forget the little joys around us, the moments of bliss. Instead of counting our blessings, valuing them and thanking Almighty for all the good things in life, we focus more on cribbing about what is lacking. A slight change in our attitude and embracing the life as it is, will surely make the world a better place to live in. I am definitely going to work on it, are you?

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A true Fighter she was, an inspiration to many

Shikha could not wait for the lift and started climbing the stairs swiftly. Her face was red with rage and she was just running, taking long steps skipping a stair or two in between. She reached the fourth floor in no time and barged into Rohit’s flat where he was talking to someone on phone lying on his couch with a can of beer in hand. She slammed the door with a bang and went directly up to Rohit, snatched his phone and bumped it on the floor. “How can you do this to me Rohit? How? You claimed to love me right? Then why this? Those were our intimate moments that you have uploaded on social media blurring your face. Do you have any justification for your cowardly actions? Just because I could not bear your over possessiveness and broke up with you, you did this to me? Speak up Rohit, I don’t deserve your silence and need an answer”.

Rohit very casually took a sip of beer and said, “Chill baby, don’t overreact. I never loved you, you were just another girl for me. And do you have any proof I posted those videos and pictures? My face is not clear in any of them so nobody knows it’s me with you and do you have guts to go to the public and confess my name? People will raise fingers on you and your dirty deeds first instead of knowing more about me. So, chill out and have a last drink with me as you will be overbusy with your clients now, who are dying to sleep with you”.

Shikha was shattered totally and wanted to kill him then and there only. She knew that what was done cant be undone but she decided not to quit. She was not ashamed of the leaked videos and pictures as she had loved someone and trusted him with all her heart. For her, she didn’t do anything filthy, it was her love but the only regret she had today was relying on a wrong person. Unlike many other girls who had been a victim of such crimes and took nasty decisions ending their life, she made her mind to fight back and expose Rohit so that the society knows it takes two to tango and the girl, alone cant be blamed for anything.

Helpless but not hopeless, she returned back to her flat. By now, the news was all over the city. Her pictures and videos went viral on various sites and her phone was flooded with many calls and messages asking for her rate per night. Her parents were calling her too continuously but she didn’t want to talk to anyone and just wanted isolation. Stuti, her roommate and best friend was in shock too, she never expected such a silly move from Shikha, being a quite sensible and smart girl. She was mad at her that why did she allow Rohit record their personal moments but kept silent as she wanted to comfort her and not add more to the trouble.

She tried to console Shikha but in vain and then happened the unexpected. Shikha cut her wrist with the knife and injured herself badly. Shikha was bleeding profusely, Stuti immediately called the ambulance and took her to the hospital. Oh, what a fateful day it was! Shikha got betrayal, Rohit took the revenge of leaving him, Shikha’s family was abandoned by the society and the sun was still shining, nobody knew what more in store was there for all of them.

As it was a suicide attempt, it became a police case. When Shikha came to her senses, police recorded her statement and she unmasked Rohit. She wanted to go to the police station directly from Rohit’s flat but knew no one would hear her and she will return humiliated, but while lying on the hospital bed, the police will be forced to take her statement, so she plotted all this and turned the game in her court.

Those 24 hours were the game changer in everyone’s life. Rohit was exposed and arrested. Shikha’s parents and brother were upset but supported her during the testing time. Her videos and pictures were removed from many sites, however many still had them. With her positive and never-say-die attitude, Shikha overcame this situation bravely. A true fighter, she was! It was her life and she knew how to script it.


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A Moment of Tranquility



The darkness in the sky gave way to the aureate first rays of the sun. The pristine waters of the lake gave birth to languid ripples as they were kissed by the stubborn but gentle breeze. Somewhere in the distance, a songbird sang lilting melodies welcoming the dawn. The Princess looked at the breathtaking vistas in front of her and sighed. She was did not enjoy the serenity of her surroundings anymore. The bird’s dulcet tunes didn’t make her heart soar like it once did. The indolent water ripples didn’t catch her eye now. Even the ride atop her favourite courser excited her no longer.

She led the magnificent beast to the edge of the water. It whinnied and stepped back. A crinkle of anger coursed through her pulchritude and it vanished the very second she became aware of its existence. She hung her head in despair. It had been…

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Thanks for the inspiration, dear husband

Dear Husband,

Words fall short whenever I try to write something for you as our relationship is more of gestures than words. We don’t need any obligatory thank yous and sorrys, our eyes do this job perfectly but sometimes expressions are important. So, today I thought of writing to you and expressing the gratitude for everything you do for me so that I can pursue my passion for writing. Here goes my PDA letter to you, dear husband.

As I always used to say, “Who is ever going to read my random musings?”, it was you who gave me the confidence and prodded me to hold the pen again. I never had the courage to jot down my emotions and share it with the world, you gave the strength to me. You looked after the kids and let me finish my articles in peace so that I could submit before the deadline. There were many nerve-wracking moments when I had a writer’s block but you always stood by like a guiding light with ideas and suggestions, even in the darkest of days. And now, it has been 10 months, I’m writing, participated in many challenges, won a few, lost a few, got appreciation from friends and family, even from strangers. You celebrated all those moments with equal enthusiasm.

It is surely the best feeling to embrace when you do well in something you think you can’t do. I love the glow on your face and spark in your eyes when people praise my work. Oh, you cherish the moment as much as I do. Thank you for pushing me and helping me discover this aspect of mine.

I have tried to frame your encouraging words in a short poem which always act as a booster for me to keep going:

“Chase your dreams, follow your heart

Don’t fear failures, as they play a vital part

Believe in yourself, I know you can do wonders

Remain to stay grounded and learn from your blunders

Beautifully, you juggle many roles, you are my super star

Take writing as a journey, not any competition or a war

Don’t prove, just improve, focus, write, learn and grow

Remember, you will always have my back wherever you go!!!”

Thanks for being there in every step of my blogging journey so far, my best critic, my guide.


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One last promotion Or a new beginning?

The 2-day International Annual Conference for which Shipra had been working hard for months and went to Bangalore to attend it for one last time, went really great. All the presentations were well accepted by the audience and the Management was elated as it was a highly successful event. Shipra was contented by her performance but something was bothering her. Quietly, she made a way out of the hall where the lucky draw announcement was going on. She stood near the stairs of the hotel in solace and recalled her journey of 8 years with this company. It was an emotional decision for her but she had to take this step today. She was going to put down her papers after the conference during the Board Meeting.

Looking at the stairs, she remembered how meticulously she had worked all these years to reach to the zenith. She joined as a trainee, always trusted her abilities and with right focus, determination and smart work, climbed up to the top and now was heading the Operations of India. She was a very ambitious girl and knew that success neither comes instantly nor there is no short cut to it, she need to work hard and climb the ladder to share the space with the Senior Management. Thinking about all the glorious years she had spent working here, the achievements and accolades she had gained, the challenges she had faced, different roles she had handled, official trips and working under extreme pressure, she remembered everything. But now things were not the same, she was shifting abroad with her husband and kids and had to quit the job. She was getting restless merely with the thought of being a stay at home mom now.

While she was lost in her thoughts, she heard an announcement of her name in the hall and came out of her trance in a second. Puzzled, she ran towards there worried if anything went wrong in the end. As she entered, she was requested to join the stage with the Board Members of the Company where she was acknowledged for her diligence, sincerity and efforts for making the conference a big hit, in front of all the delegates. She was touched but there was another surprise waiting for her. She was promoted as a Board Member.

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Love in the sands of time


Samar stood on the balcony smoking. He had given up cigarettes long back but today was different. He was both stressed and excited. Shikha had been noticing her husband for the past few days. Between the two of them he seemed the one most affected by Myra’s wedding. She decided to take a momentary break from the list of things to be completed before the rituals started in the evening.

“Samar, do you want tea?”

Samar turned around. His eyes were moist.

“How will she manage without us? And how will I stay without her in our house?”

“She’s getting married. You should be happy for our daughter. She would be broken if she knew what her father’s going through. Tirtha is a great guy. He is surely going to ensure that Myra stays happy and pampered.” Shikha held Samar’s hand.

With a grip on his emotions, Samar went out…

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Soulmates – A beautiful story of love and compassion

“Get up Ravi, we are very late, it’s already 8am and you have an interview at 10. You don’t know Mumbai’s traffic, its crazy in the office hours and Mr. Singh who is an ex-army personnel, is very particular about timings. He doesn’t entertain people who are not punctual. So, get ready soon else we won’t be able to reach on time”, said Tina brushing her teeth, who also got up late today when her maid rang the doorbell. She instructed the maid what to be cooked in the breakfast and asked her not to cook lunch as she was already running late so will have it in office canteen.
Tina was working as a Marketing Manager in a reputed media house of Mumbai since last 4 years. It was her first job after finishing her MBA from Baroda. Tina and Ravi met during their MBA and had feelings for each other. They shared the common interest of singing and had performed together in many festivals in the college which brought them closer. After MBA, Ravi got a job in Delhi while Tina relocated to Mumbai. It has been four years, they both were busy in their jobs, doing well. They used to visit each other every 6 months, in Delhi or Mumbai. Their parents met during the graduation ceremony and were OK for their marriage alliance as long as they were happy together. 

Life was perfect but this long distance relationship was bothering Ravi now. He wanted to live close to Tina and share every moment of his life with her. They decided to settle in Mumbai so both kept an eye for a suitable job opening for Ravi. Luckily, Tina found one in her company itself, which was a burning requirement and the candidate was supposed to join in a month. Both were sure that Ravi would crack it as he possessed the perfect skill set and experience required for that job. Ravi attended the interview and got the job. Both were jumping with joy as they were together again and a new life was waiting for them ahead. They celebrated the beginning with a bottle of champagne in their favorite restaurant.

Life was moving at its pace and they were enjoying every bit of togetherness. Weekdays were spent in the office while weekends meant outings and eating out. They were having the time of their life together when one morning, Tina complained of stomach ache, she could not get up from the bed due to severe pain. They thought it was gastric because of the spicy dinner last night, as she had such pain earlier also, so she took a day off from office and rested the whole day while Ravi took care of her working from home. By evening, she felt better. It was weekend and they decided to stay at home and rest. 

Monday afternoon, Tina fainted in office after lunch and was rushed to the hospital. After examination, doctor suspected something was not right and referred a few more tests. Their life was shattered when the doctor told them she was dying as 70% of her liver was failed due to excessive drinking and an immediate liver transplant was needed to save her life. He gave the details of transplantation and directed them to their marketing team who explained them about the cost involved.
“25 Lakhs, how will we arrange Ravi? All our savings will be gone still we won’t be able to arrange the amount and what about the donor? Doctor has told us there is already a long queue of patients waiting for cadaver donor. At Least 2-3 years, we need to wait. Do I have so much of time?” Tina almost choked while speaking. She wanted to live. Both her parents were diabetic hence were not eligible to donate her the liver. She was the only daughter so there was no one else in the family who could donate her liver. Time was slipping like sand and Ravi felt so helpless. He could see her dying, he wanted to save her at any cost. He went to Tina, kissed on her forehead and said, “I will not let you go, my soulmate. We will find the donor soon”. He caressed her hair, closed her and made her sleep.
He checked all her reports once again and mailed them to his cousin who was working in a semi-Government hospital in Delhi for a second opinion. After checking all the reports, he also confirmed that transplantation was the only option left. However, the cost in his hospital was much lesser than in Mumbai and the surgeons were also of high calibre, having a great success rate. Now Ravi knew exactly what to do. He decided to fly to Delhi the very next morning. He picked up his phone and went out of the room so that Tina does not wake up with his voice. He called both the families immediately to Delhi and informed about Tina’s health. 
The next morning, everyone met in Delhi at Ravi’s cousins house. Before going to the hospital, Ravi had something important to finish. He called a taxi and all of them sat in it, clueless where they were heading to. On reaching, all were surprised to find themselves in the court. Ravi decided to marry Tina. He already took an appointment and made other arrangements secretly with the help of his cousin leaving no room for anyone’s disagreement. They exchanged rings and garlands. It wasn’t the dream wedding with all the customs and rituals but there were silent vows for life. Vows for togetherness, love, support, understanding.
Ravi was now legally her husband, eligible to donate his liver. Back in hospital, all his tests were done and yes, he was a perfect match too. Lying on the hospital bed, Ravi said to Tina, “Told you na, we will find the donor soon, wifey”. Tina could not speak up and just nodded her head, smiling while tears kissed her lips.

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Our fate live within us. You only have to be brave to see it

“I wonder every time looking at you if you are really my daughter. Every year you disappoint me with your result. Look at Sonal, she tops in her class everytime, who would say you two are real sisters. Which college will give admission to a duffer like you?” Minal’s father, Sunil threw her report card on the floor angrily and left from the room slamming the door. Minal was sobbing in the corner and Sonal was sitting next to her trying to console her. Minal scored 85% marks in her 12th examination while Sonal was a top scorer this year too in 6th standard. She had always been a star performer since childhood that makes her the favorite of everyone in the family, especially her father who has always dreamt of seeing both her daughters as doctors, a dream that he had seen for himself but could not pursue because of his family’s financial conditions.

Sunil was employed in a private bank as a manager in Bareilly and was working very hard to give the best education to both his daughters. He wanted his daughters to fulfill his dream at any cost. Minal aspired to be a writer and had no interest in holding a stethoscope or scissors. After a lot of arguments and fights with Sunil, she finally opted for B.A. in English Literature in a decent college of Lucknow.

6 years later

Sonal got selected in NEET examination and secured a seat in a reputed Government medical college in Vellore, Chennai. Her father’s chest swelled with proud and happiness on her achievement. He started preparations to send Sonal one step closer towards his dream. All his focus and excitement was for Sonal only while Minal had her mother’s back who herself was an English teacher in a school. She was elated on Minal’s choice secretly but did not express it to her husband as she knew his reaction. She preferred to support her daughter quitely. After finishing her graduation and then Masters from the same college, Minal was working in Bangalore University as a Professor pursuing her Doctorate parallelly. Sunil hardly spoke to her all these years as he wasn’t in the favour of her decision of choosing this career. Her weekly calls were limited to few mins only with Rekha and Sonal.


“Get me my new tie, Rekha”, said Sunil humming a song. He was on cloud nine as it was Sonal’s convocation ceremony and both of them went to Vellore to attend the same. Sonal was working as an Intern with a big multispeciality hospital in Chennai and already had an offer from another top notch hospital in New Delhi to work for them after her convocation. Sunil could see his dream coming true. He was just a degree away from it. Rekha wore a silk saree and both of them very happily went to the venue to attend the ceremony. As they reached well on time, they secured the front seats just at the back of the chief guest who was yet to arrive. Sitting there, Sunil said to Rekha, “I wish Minal would have listened to me too, we would have been the proudest parents today with two doctors in the family. Don’t know what laurels she would get sitting in the library of that college and teaching those children. Where everyone would appreciate Sonal today on her achievements, nobody would even know Minal. Two sisters, born with such different fates, see the destiny”. Rekha put her hand on Sunil’s shoulder and pacified him.

The function started and there came the chief guest, a tall lady dressed in crisp sky blue saree walking in confidence. Sunil and Rekha were stunned to see and could not take their eyes off her. She was no one else but Minal, the chief guest of the function. She was now working as the Head of Department in Bangalore University and was there to inaugurate her first book. As everyone clapped and welcomed Minal, the welcome song performance started in the auditorium. Soon after, the convocation ceremony started and Minal was called on the stage to handover the degrees to all the students. Finally, Sonal’s name was announced and Minal handed over the degree to her sister.

After the convocation, the Principal announced the launch of Minal’s new book named “Fates can change, trust yourself”. Minal invited her parents to do the honor and unveil her book. Sunil and Rekha walked proudly to the stage as it was the best day of their lives. Both their daughters were the stars today.

Minal ended the function reading a few words about her book:

They say it’s all destined in your palms

The victory or the loss, the peace or the storm

I say it’s you who can change your fate

Get up, show up, just dont wait!!!

“Our fate live within us. You only have to be brave to see it”. 
There was a huge round of applause and people dispersed for dinner while all four of them hugged each other as it was the perfect reunion.

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A road to the lost home! A Short story of family vs money

“Sahab, apka chhutta” (Sir, your change), said the taxi driver when Alok came out of the reverie. With moist eyes, he replied to him, “Keep it” and moved towards the same old neighborhood. Nothing was changed, the same cracked roads, the same unplastered brick walls of the houses, the same way of drying clothes outside the balcony and crossroads. Few ladies sitting outside their houses knitting sweaters and gossiping, basking under the winter sun. Latest bollywood numbers playing on the radios and kids dancing on it. 

There were mostly new faces, a few old ones whom he could barely recognize. Kids were playing on the roads outside their houses carefree, as he used to play with his friends and siblings. Those unstructured games, fighting and screaming, holding hands together and jumping. Playing with the stray dogs, hitting the glass window of neighbour with the cricket ball and running by the fear of getting caught. 

Everything was the same except one. It was HE. He was no longer the same innocent boy who used to love his family. A nostalgia hit him hard and filled his heart with endless memories of his childhood and teenage years. The prominent smell of rajma transported him 20 years back when he ran away with his rich girlfriend, one fateful night, to start afresh in a new country, away from the miseries of life.

It was the first time, in the last 20 years, he returned to this place, the place which he used to call HOME, once. The glitters of the new fascinating life made him forget everything he had left behind, 2 younger sisters and old parents. All these years, he was busy making money and exploring the world and never tried to contact his family, except for a few obligatory phone calls which gradually stopped too. His wife, 3 kids and father-in-law was his new world. He set up a business in Dubai in partnership with his father-in-law who funded him. As he aided him in starting up a business, he was indebted to him from head to toe and lived like a robot acting on his instructions.

He was doing well in his business but was lonely. He had no one to talk to. His wife was always busy in parties and had her own life. She doesn’t like Alok to interfere in her personal matters. His kids were studying in boarding school as his wife doesn’t want to take their responsibility too. Father-in-law was always bossy. He felt incomplete. He wanted someone to lend an ear to his rants. He missed his family. His mom who would understand his emotions even before he could say anything, his father who would always advise him and showed him the right path, his sisters who were his stressbusters and secret keepers, with whom he could share anything and everything. Then why, he left them? Why he chose a luxurious life over them? Why he stopped calling them? Is this the life he wanted to live? Alone, grieving? 

It was his 45th birthday and he was sitting alone in his office with these thoughts and memories. Nobody remembered his day. With closed eyes, he visualised how his family used to celebrate his birthday, with limited resources and how happy they were together. There was less money but happiness was in abundance. 

He could not stop himself that day and took the first available flight to India. He bought a few dresses and perfumes for his sisters and shawls for his parents. His heart skipped a beat with every step he took towards his long lost nest, flooded with the thoughts of how his family would react on his sudden arrival.  He had a constant fear of being rejected by his parents now. His legs were shaking and tears were flowing like a river. 

On reaching home, with trembling hands, he knocked the door. As his father opened the door, he could not believe his eyes and stood still to see his son for whom he was waiting for all his heart for ages. Alok touched his feet and immediately hugged him tight. That magical hug vanished and healed all the pain and sorrow. Alok reached out to his mother who was sitting on a wheelchair in a pool of tears. Alok showed them the pictures of their grandchildren in his phone and his parents happiness knew no bounds. All of them cried and cried hugging together. Both his sisters were now happily married and parents were empty nesters. As he opened the fridge to get water for himself, he saw a cake inside on which it was written “Happy Birthday Alok”.  


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The most underrated love of a father, our unsung heroes

It was Father’s Day last week and the social media was full of emotional messages for the dads across the globe. Let’s be honest, it’s just one day, we talk about the Superhero of our life. Rest days we boast about the sacrifices mothers do for their kids. How they juggle different roles, their sleepless nights and unbounded selfless love for the family etc etc. I don’t deny that a mother is the bearer of the family but we cant overlook the fact that a father is the pillar of the house. Fathers are generally men of few words and unlike mothers, they dont shower their love and express their feelings often. But, does that make them less important? NO!

The moment, a baby is born, parents are also born but we talk about only mothers. A father also have the equal contribution in making you. Just because, he doesn’t go through the labour pain and contractions, his love is underestimated and overshadowed by the roars of motherhood. 

Like your mother, he also fell in love with you the moment he laid his eyes upon you for the first time. His priorities also changed in life after your arrival. He also tries his best to protect you from any evil. Makes the best arrangements to welcome you home from the hospital, checks twice if your cot is bugfree before placing you in it. As you grow up, he prevents you from falling down from your bicycle, accompanies you to the parks so that you don’t hit yourself while swinging or taking rides. He acts as an invisible safety net for you throughout his life, no matter how old you grow.

While a mother juggles various roles raising you up, a father is no less. After a tiring day, working arduously and commuting long hours, he still plays with you joyfully, helps you with the maths homework, listens to your school tales, plans for the weekend outings or your birthday celebrations and much more while managing the finances of the family back of his mind.

There are many sacrifices a father do which go unnoticed, he miss many wonderful moments of his kids while busy earning bread for the family. When his kids took the first step on their own, he was running from pillar to post to give them a decent life. When his kids uttered the first word, he was delivering the presentation to crack the deal at office. He sacrifices that linen shirt which he wanted to wear instead buys a new uniform for his kids. He sacrifices his late night weekend parties with his friends just to see the beaming face of his kids when he is around. He sacrifices a cool lifestyle for himself just to ensure his kids and family are well fed and live a life of their choice. He sacrifices his wishlist to fulfill the dreams his kids have, be it, higher education, vacations etc.
This article is for all the amazing hands-on dads out there who don’t feel shame changing the diapers of their babies, helping their wives. For all the amazing dads who support their families come what may. You are doing a great job Daddy, more power to you. We treasure you equally!


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