Nirbhaya, an unfortunate girl and a fateful night (Short Poem)


It was a cold winter night

Which brought her a plight

While returning from her flight

It was all dark and there was no light…


Her hair was pulled

Her body was flayed

With all her body parts

Those hungry dogs had played…


She was thrown on the road

Crying in pain

Hundreds of people passed by

But all in vain…


She was left alone as it was her mistake

Realised now ‘his’ love was fake

With whom she dreamt of marriage vows

He turned out to be ever worse than foes…


Her pilot uniform was torn

A hatred was born

She wanted to die

Tell the world and not lie…


But all she could do was groan and cry

She withered away but still tried

She was broken and slayed

Her soul left her body, with a pain that he betrayed…


When I entered kitchen for the first time that too with Papa! (A short story)

Like in most of the families, the female member is head of the kitchen and my family was no different. My mother always used to cook delicious meals for us. We were a family for four, my father, mother, younger brother and me. Being a pampered girl, I never bothered to learn cooking or even understand the basics of it. So, it was just my mother who was responsible for feeding us.

Unfortunately, once she slipped from the chair while cleaning and got her leg fractured. It was the time when the daughter inside me woke up and decided to help my mother to every possible extent. Mom was happy that I will learn something but she didn’t expect the unexpected.

One evening, me and my father decided to cook dinner for all of us. He suggested pyaz aloo sabzi and paratha (onion potato curry and Indian bread). My mother was more scared than happy imagining what was she going to eat that night and even more than that what mess we were going to do with her sparkling kitchen. How can I not mention here, she is a cleaning freak so our home was shining at any given point of time and we were cautious not to dirty it.

So with that fear in her mind, she asked us to sit back and just help her in salad dressing or setting the table but my father insisted on preparing a full fledged dinner. He was full of zeal to show his cooking talent which he had, kind of developed during the days of his outstation stay away from all of us when he was transferred to a nearby and sometimes even far off city.

Finally, me and my father were in the kitchen together for the first time. I helped him in chopping vegetables and kneading flour and he cooked the curry and then we both made parathas together with all possible maps of many countries.

Whistle 1, 2, 3…..and we switched off the gas. The dinner was ready. All four of us sat on the well decorated dining table with the new cutlery, reserved only for the guests, as it was a special occasion. After all, we cooked the meal for the first time.

Everyone had their first bite, then second, then third………finally all of us looked at each other and bursted into laughter. The curry seemed potatoes dipped in oil and bread was a crisp paper hard to even chew.

But, it was undoubtedly the best meal ever as it had all the ingredients of a super supper – love for each other, care for Mom, laughter, togetherness, teamwork, trust and most of all the joy of cooking together. I still remember the aroma and tasteless taste of that dinner and cherish it the most. The curd and papad oops paratha were the savoury. We clapped for our MasterChef!


This post is an entry for father’s day contest by kreativemommy

Twin Tales – So Different yet so much same (Short Poem)

One has a sweet tooth, other likes salty

One is right-handed, the other is lefty

One likes playing and getting dirty in the mud

Other always wants to shine like a stud

One stays happy jumping on the bed

Other gets joy in crumbling chips and bread

One has black hair, other has brown

One makes serious faces, other likes a clown

One is a poser, ever ready to be clicked

Other sees the camera and soon flicks

For one, pushing and pulling door is fun

Other is swift and always on a run

When hungry, one cries and wants us to come

Other one is happy merely with her thumb

As it dawns, they wait for their dad at the door

While crying, playing, laughing, eating, dancing all on the floor

They are different yet at times similar too

Their hearts are one while bodies two!!twins

No more A for Apple, B for Ball…Check out the new ABC of life!

Simple yet powerful ABC of life that I religiously follow and want to teach my kids as well, so here it goes:
Adapt to the change
Believe in yourself
Create your own happiness
Dream big
Expect the least
Forget and forgive
Grab the opportunity
Help selflessly
Imbibe knowledge
Justify your actions
Kill your ego
Live, love, laugh
Make memories
Never give up
Optimism can take you anywhere
Pray faithfully, praise genuinely, perform whole heartedly
Quell anger
Reciprocate love
Stay grounded
Think empathically
Unceasingly learn
Value time
Wear confidence
X-cuse the negativity around
You can do it
Zestfully participate

And then a twin mother was born!

All the guests gathered in the hall, her favorite food was cooked, family and friends were pampering her with everything she loved, her husband bought her a surprise cake leaving no stone unturned to make her happy on her special day. It was her baby shower. After 6 years of her marriage, she was finally ready to go on a journey of motherhood. She was excited but nervous at the same time as to how things will be. It was her first pregnancy and she was glowing like a star in the dark sky. She looked beautiful in her pink chiffon salwar kameez, shyly flaunting her tummy sometimes in between.
The rituals were performed with great enthusiasm by both the families, after all they had waited for this occasion for years. Later, lunch was served and everyone drooled over the Punjabi delicacies. Now it was the time for the surprise to be revealed.
Varad blindfold Mayra, held her hand and took her to the table where the cake was waiting for her. He then crowned her and unfold her blind. She looked at Varad with moist eyes as she remembered everything she detailed him long back even before her pregnancy, about how she wanted her baby shower to be. She fell in love with her gentleman all over again to see each and every thing was taken care of exactly the way she wanted, even better than that. The cake had four pair of tiny shoes, two in pink and two in blue. Yes, it was a twin show. They both cut the cake together and dreamt of the day to arrive soon. There was a flood of emotions inside – What if both are boys? I need a daughter too. What if both are girls? Oh, that’s something like a dream come true, but if so, will I be pressurised to have a boy too few yrs down the line? With all these thoughts in her mind, she was trying to be normal and enjoy those moments.
It was the time for some music and dance. Family and friends made it the best day of their lives. Lot of performances for the to be parents was fun not only for everyone in the hall but also for the twinnies inside as Mayra was feeling more and more kicks as the music progressed. She was tired after a fun filled but hectic day.
Alas! Something happened to her and she fainted suddenly. Everyone in the hall was afraid to see her lying down. She was rushed to the hospital and doctor told it was the time for the babies to come out as the blood flow stopped. Hearts sank. Blood froze. The hall which was full of happiness few minutes back turned into a prayer hall with everyone begging God for saving Mayra and their little hearts.
Soon after Mayra found herself in the operation theatre lying in the gown with a huge team of doctors team dressed in green around her. She was numb but confident that everything will be good soon as Varad made her feel this way before entering the OT. She was chanting mantras while the doctors started surgery. Within minutes she heard cry of her first baby, yes she was a Mom, her dream came true but the second baby was still yet to come. After two minutes she delivered the other one too but something was not right. The baby didn’t cry. Docs struggled while Mayra kept praying and then she heard the best music of her life. Both her babies were crying together while docs team was busy bathing them. She was anxiously waiting to see them, hug them, kiss them and what not and then the moment came when she got the first sight of her kids and docs announced “Both are daughters”.
Tears rolled over her cheeks with happiness and she couldn’t say anything except thanking God for the best moment in her life. Just outside the OT, was waiting her family, everyone was overjoyed as they got the double blessings. Varad kissed on Mayra’s forehead while she was lying on the stretcher and whispered in her ears “I have the most beautiful three princesses in my life now”.
Mayra smiled and dozed off. Those magical words took all her worries away.

Life is hard, why don’t we cherish the little joys in life!

To my Happiness is:

1. A warm cup of tea and toast in the morning
2. Smell of mud
3. Dancing in the rain
4. Bunking the class with friends
5. Your first salary
6. Reconnecting with an old friend
7. Meeting your school teacher and he/she recognises you
8. Planning surprise for someone
9. Watching your kid’s first stage performance
10. Lazing around in Mother’s lap
11. Father’s tight hug
12. Becoming parents
13. That first love letter
14. Making someone smile
15. When someone says your kid resembles you
16. Rainy day in school
17. Seeing your baby for the first time
18. Family vacation
19. Sunset on a beach
20. Freshness of hills
21. Sudden snowfall
22. Decorating Christmas tree
23. Touching the leaves of touch me not
24. Seeing a giggling child
25. Those two lines on pregnancy strip
26. Recognition and promotion at work
27. Your favourite song on radio
28. Your baby’s first steps
29. Reading your favourite book again
30. Baking cake for the first time
31. Seeing all your medical reports are normal
32. Watching your childhood album
33. A relaxing body massage
34. Siblings wedding
35. Birth of nephew/niece
36. Knowing someone has a crush on you secretly
37. Last bite of favourite meal
38. Long weekend
39. Fitting into old dresses after delivery
40. Receiving flowers
41. Surprise dinner with your loved one
42. Feeling your baby’s kick for the first time
43. Your first marathon
44. Someone turns twice with admiration towards you
45. People trust you
46. Finding a currency note from an old handbag/jacket
47. No pimple face in the morning, yes the facepack worked
48. Celebrating parents anniversaries and birthdays
49. Your country wins the World Cup in any sport
50. Smell of the new books
51. Witnessing a rainbow
52. A new hair cut
53. Sipping tea sitting in the balcony while it rains out
54. Sponsoring a child’s education
55. Dancing crazy
56. Holidaying with parents at their dream destination
57. Cheat day during dieting
58. Playing your childhood games with your parents and kids
59. Freedom after years of imprisonment
60. Receiving gift and can’t wait to unwrap it
61. Winning anything even a game of ludo
62. Getting anything complimentary
63. The last night with parents and siblings before the guests arrive on your wedding
64. A cozy bed
65. A sound sleep
66. A power nap
67. A sweet dream
68. Admiring yourself in the mirror
69. Marrying your love
70. Teasing your sibling
71. Sale on your favourite brand
72. Random party and no cooking
73. Making your parents proud
74. Listening to the chirping birds
75. Parents get clinically stable after a prolonged illness
76. Knowing someone loves you and cares for you
77. Surprise visit to your family
78. Morning walks
79. Laughing with someone on the silliest jokes which only you two can understand
80. Cultivating a new hobby
81. Winning a scholarship
82. Home sweet home

A quirky and witty twin Mom!

They say how do you manage two?
I say like all other Moms do!

They say how do you identify them?
I say it’s easy as I made them!

They say are both of these yours?
I say Oh! I’m carrying neighbor kids for a stroll

They say are they both girls?
I say no, I love to dress up boys in frills 😉

They say do they ever fight?
I say no no kids r always quiet!!!