Wish Heaven has a phone call…Miss you dear Papa, a short poem

FB_IMG_1508617493409Wish Heaven has a phone call

I would have asked God

Why He took you away

Why between us, there is a wall


I will ask Him to make me talk to you once

Don’t know if I will hear you again

I will be able to speak up or not

I fear if you still remember me or forgot


It will break my heart if you don’t recognize me

But I know I’m always in your heart and you can never hurt me

You will call my name, you will cry

Helpless me, just wish I could fly


My name on your lips will take all my pains away

How I wish I could hug you straight away

I will fight with you for leaving us alone

No excuses no reasons

The only thing we want is

Please come back home


Home is not same without you

Every wall, every corner calls only you

The garden looks for those hands

Who used to touch it’s grass and sit on the land


We can’t see you, hug you on phone

Please please come back home

We promise we won’t feed you again those oats

And all your favourite delicacies will be on your plate


I will tell you your ‘little ones’ mischieves

Sharing it with you will give me some relief

You will cherish to know how naughty they are

They hear your stories through us

Watch your videos and wipe my tears

But wonder where you are


Sometimes they look up the sky and smile

Then I know you were here all this while

Showering your blessings on us

I know you also miss your ‘little ones’


Every night I try to find you in stars

But I can’t find you in the Moon or even Mars

They are only bright and light

But you are our hearts delight


I will tell you how much we miss you

You went away so so far

No one can take us there

Tell me if there is any wonder plane, shuttle or car?


I will apologize to you for hurting you

For those injections and pills I gave you

For all the times I didn’t listen to you

And most of all for not been able to save you


I will tell you in how much guilt I’m living in

I write, I laugh, I travel just to forget everything

But back home it’s still the same

Every single thought takes me to the flash trail



Left only are the triggers of unforgettable memories

And a hope to meet you in dreams

We miss your laughter your humor

Your love your aura your simplicity your care

Pray you live happily and healthy now

Whenever you are


I will ask you if now you are at peace

Hope no more doctors and drips

I will ask you if you miss us

Or your new friends have replaced us



I will tell the angels what you love to eat

So that now you get some delicious feast

I will ask you to protect us from above

We always need your guidance and love


Wish Heaven has a phone call

I would have never let you hang up the call…









Life lessons I learned from my twin toddler – Reverse Parenting

When I became mother, I had so many things in my mind which I learned from my parents and wanted to pass on to my tiny tots too. From singing, dancing, reading to values, manners, morals and gradually the life’s practical lessons like dressing up, tying shoe laces, combing hair, saving money and many more.
However, soon I realised it was a role reversal. I was learning something from them each and every day. They taught me to see the life through their little eyes and surprisingly I grew up to be a better person with them as I re learned many forgotten lessons of life with a new perspective.


So, here goes the list of lessons I comprehended:


1. No means No – My duo would always be clear in saying No if they are reluctant to something. No matter what, they will not give in if they don’t want to eat or play or do any activity. I feel agitated at times but then I find this is a good habit as they will be clear in their mind since beginning.
Saying NO was not always easy for me but once I actually started practicing it at workplace and at home for the things that don’t work for me, it helped me. I could save time now and can focus on the better things in life. I feel relaxed as there is no pressure of doing anything unwanted.

2. Letting things go – I think the best learning I have from my kids is, forgetting things quickly and keeping no grudges. There are days when my patience grows thin and I shout at them or get angry at them and soon after it, my heart fills with guilt for hurting my little hearts. But within minutes they hug me and love me the same way as before. They forget everything and only love prevails. Then I realise how easy it is to just forget and forgive people who have ever hurted you and trust me, this magnanimous attitude gives immense peace of mind.

3. Laugh for no reason – As Charlie Chaplin said “A day without laughter is a day wasted” but we seem to have forgotten this in our hectic and stressful lives. We look only the miseries and failures and overlook the accomplishments. It’s ok not to brag your achievements all the time but at the same time don’t be in self depreciation mode either. Try to see the world with a kid’s perspective and you will find endless reasons to smile, laugh and be happy.

When a child’s giggle can make everyone around happy then think how much different and elated place this world would be if we all start following this small but powerful learning.


4. Love selflessly – In this fake world, it’s difficult to love and be loved. My innocent souls taught me how to love selflessly. Without any expectations, without any benefits. Life is surely worth living when you are benevolent.


5. Celebrating small success – My kids would clap even on their minutest achievements like arranging the blocks in perfect order, singing a rhyme enacting the way we taught them, keeping their shoes at place, putting their dirty clothes in washing machine before taking shower. They find pride in doing such chores on their own. They celebrate it being their own heroes of the game.
But, how tough is it for us to celebrate the milestones in our life. It surely boosts our confidence and motivates us to do better and better till we reach the zenith.

6. Cherish the little joys – Yet another wonderful learning. Kids find joy in anything and everything. Though I still wonder what humor they get on seeing people in the mall, other kids playing in the park or even a doctor examining other patients. They find silliness everywhere and create their own happiness in their small world. A piece of chocolate can make them equally happy as Dad coming home from work. But we, adults, are not satisfied with even the biggest of the things we own. Life would have been much more beautiful if we start cherishing those little joys around us too. I do, it’s your turn now.

Daily Prompt: Witty

via Daily Prompt: Witty


A witty twin Mom

They say how do you manage two?
I say like all other Moms do!

They say how do you identify them?
I say it’s easy as I made them!

They say are both of these yours?
I say Oh! I’m carrying neighbor kids for a stroll

They say are they both girls?
I say no, I love to dress up boys in frills 😉

They say do they ever fight?
I say no no kids are always quiet!!!