One last promotion Or a new beginning?

The 2-day International Annual Conference for which Shipra had been working hard for months and went to Bangalore to attend it for one last time, went really great. All the presentations were well accepted by the audience and the Management was elated as it was a highly successful event. Shipra was contented by her performance but something was bothering her. Quietly, she made a way out of the hall where the lucky draw announcement was going on. She stood near the stairs of the hotel in solace and recalled her journey of 8 years with this company. It was an emotional decision for her but she had to take this step today. She was going to put down her papers after the conference during the Board Meeting.

Looking at the stairs, she remembered how meticulously she had worked all these years to reach to the zenith. She joined as a trainee, always trusted her abilities and with right focus, determination and smart work, climbed up to the top and now was heading the Operations of India. She was a very ambitious girl and knew that success neither comes instantly nor there is no short cut to it, she need to work hard and climb the ladder to share the space with the Senior Management. Thinking about all the glorious years she had spent working here, the achievements and accolades she had gained, the challenges she had faced, different roles she had handled, official trips and working under extreme pressure, she remembered everything. But now things were not the same, she was shifting abroad with her husband and kids and had to quit the job. She was getting restless merely with the thought of being a stay at home mom now.

While she was lost in her thoughts, she heard an announcement of her name in the hall and came out of her trance in a second. Puzzled, she ran towards there worried if anything went wrong in the end. As she entered, she was requested to join the stage with the Board Members of the Company where she was acknowledged for her diligence, sincerity and efforts for making the conference a big hit, in front of all the delegates. She was touched but there was another surprise waiting for her. She was promoted as a Board Member.

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43 thoughts on “One last promotion Or a new beginning?

  1. Knowing your story, I could feel that tinge of restlessness that you might have felt while moving abroad with your family. More power to you girl. And yes it was a beautifully written story

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  2. Nicely written. The choices in life are never easy, we have to take the hard decisions to move ahead in life. Some time we are inspired to do but many times we are forced to take such calls. Especially for a mother and a career it is tough navigation to do. We term it as the balancing act. That’s the power a mother garners and she has the ability to beautifully do the role of a multi tasker. Few times we have to step back from what we love to do…

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  3. Reading Shipra’s story and comments , I realize , almost everyone of us have somehow gone through the same phase, same delima , and then taking the decisions .I feel so connected by reading this.Always working hard , then stay at home mom and working again ..I have been there too. Only one tip to every each moment .just stay happy and rest all will fall in place:)
    Keep Writing Vartika

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