Thanks for the inspiration, dear husband

Dear Husband,

Words fall short whenever I try to write something for you as our relationship is more of gestures than words. We don’t need any obligatory thank yous and sorrys, our eyes do this job perfectly but sometimes expressions are important. So, today I thought of writing to you and expressing the gratitude for everything you do for me so that I can pursue my passion for writing. Here goes my PDA letter to you, dear husband.

As I always used to say, “Who is ever going to read my random musings?”, it was you who gave me the confidence and prodded me to hold the pen again. I never had the courage to jot down my emotions and share it with the world, you gave the strength to me. You looked after the kids and let me finish my articles in peace so that I could submit before the deadline. There were many nerve-wracking moments when I had a writer’s block but you always stood by like a guiding light with ideas and suggestions, even in the darkest of days. And now, it has been 10 months, I’m writing, participated in many challenges, won a few, lost a few, got appreciation from friends and family, even from strangers. You celebrated all those moments with equal enthusiasm.

It is surely the best feeling to embrace when you do well in something you think you can’t do. I love the glow on your face and spark in your eyes when people praise my work. Oh, you cherish the moment as much as I do. Thank you for pushing me and helping me discover this aspect of mine.

I have tried to frame your encouraging words in a short poem which always act as a booster for me to keep going:

“Chase your dreams, follow your heart

Don’t fear failures, as they play a vital part

Believe in yourself, I know you can do wonders

Remain to stay grounded and learn from your blunders

Beautifully, you juggle many roles, you are my super star

Take writing as a journey, not any competition or a war

Don’t prove, just improve, focus, write, learn and grow

Remember, you will always have my back wherever you go!!!”

Thanks for being there in every step of my blogging journey so far, my best critic, my guide.


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36 thoughts on “Thanks for the inspiration, dear husband

  1. Awww…That’s a very sweet gesture. Writing a letter to your husband on your blog is definitely a big thing. I am so glad that your husband stands by your side and encourages you to write. God bless both of you.

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  2. What can I say Vartika? It is so important to get support from your better half when we embark on a new journey. Staying grounded is the quality I admire and respect the most in a person.
    Stay blessed and wish you many more years of companionship and togetherness.

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    1. Thank you so much Alpana and I second your thought. By staying grounded, one can reach the heights. The moment success hits your head, you start to decline, sooner or the later, it happens.


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