A true Fighter she was, an inspiration to many

Shikha could not wait for the lift and started climbing the stairs swiftly. Her face was red with rage and she was just running, taking long steps skipping a stair or two in between. She reached the fourth floor in no time and barged into Rohit’s flat where he was talking to someone on phone lying on his couch with a can of beer in hand. She slammed the door with a bang and went directly up to Rohit, snatched his phone and bumped it on the floor. “How can you do this to me Rohit? How? You claimed to love me right? Then why this? Those were our intimate moments that you have uploaded on social media blurring your face. Do you have any justification for your cowardly actions? Just because I could not bear your over possessiveness and broke up with you, you did this to me? Speak up Rohit, I don’t deserve your silence and need an answer”.

Rohit very casually took a sip of beer and said, “Chill baby, don’t overreact. I never loved you, you were just another girl for me. And do you have any proof I posted those videos and pictures? My face is not clear in any of them so nobody knows it’s me with you and do you have guts to go to the public and confess my name? People will raise fingers on you and your dirty deeds first instead of knowing more about me. So, chill out and have a last drink with me as you will be overbusy with your clients now, who are dying to sleep with you”.

Shikha was shattered totally and wanted to kill him then and there only. She knew that what was done cant be undone but she decided not to quit. She was not ashamed of the leaked videos and pictures as she had loved someone and trusted him with all her heart. For her, she didn’t do anything filthy, it was her love butΒ the only regret she had today was relying on a wrong person. Unlike many other girls who had been a victim of such crimes and took nasty decisions ending their life, she made her mind to fight back and expose Rohit so that the society knows it takes two to tango and the girl, alone cant be blamed for anything.

Helpless but not hopeless, she returned back to her flat. By now, the news was all over the city. Her pictures and videos went viral on various sites and her phone was flooded with many calls and messages asking for her rate per night. Her parents were calling her too continuously but she didn’t want to talk to anyone and just wanted isolation. Stuti, her roommate and best friend was in shock too, she never expected such a silly move from Shikha, being a quite sensible and smart girl. She was mad at her that why did she allow Rohit record their personal moments but kept silent as she wanted to comfort her and not add more to the trouble.

She tried to console Shikha but in vain and then happened the unexpected. Shikha cut her wrist with the knife and injured herself badly. Shikha was bleeding profusely, Stuti immediately called the ambulance and took her to the hospital. Oh, what a fateful day it was!Β Shikha got betrayal, Rohit took the revenge of leaving him, Shikha’s family was abandoned by the society and the sun was still shining, nobody knew what more in store was there for all of them.

As it was a suicide attempt, it became a police case. When Shikha came to her senses, police recorded her statement and she unmasked Rohit. She wanted to go to the police station directly from Rohit’s flat but knew no one would hear her and she will return humiliated, but while lying on the hospital bed, the police will be forced to take her statement, so she plotted all this and turned the game in her court.

Those 24 hours were the game changer in everyone’s life. Rohit was exposed and arrested. Shikha’s parents and brother were upset but supported her during the testing time. Her videos and pictures were removed from many sites, however many still had them. With her positive and never-say-die attitude, Shikha overcame this situation bravely. A true fighter, she was! It was her life and she knew how to script it.


Prompts Used: Day 6 & 7 Picture prompts

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40 thoughts on “A true Fighter she was, an inspiration to many

      1. Agree
        In absence of emotional support from the family and friends many end up in hating and hurting themselves or suffering in silence.
        There should be no shame attached to such things and they should be seen as just a tragic mishap or an accident where the victim should get all the support she needs.

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  1. That was nice. Around 15 years back, there was famous case of the MMS of a teenage couple in the act going viral. It was the girl who spoke up first out in the open, “We were two teenagers attracted to each other, I thought I was in love too. We were exploring each other and then the next day I wake up to this.” She had laughed and said, “i am glad that it’s not just me who has to run away seeking alternate identity, I am glad the stupid boy too has no place to go.’

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  2. It is really tough to fight back in such a situation. But when you have been cornered and you have a resolve, you can spin the thing around.. nice story.. keep writing.. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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