Count your blessings and value them, not the problems!

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It was Saturday afternoon when my kids and husband were taking afternoon nap and I was sipping a cup of hot coffee at the window glancing at the snowflakes outside. Such moments are rare when I get time for myself as generally during these hours I cook dinner or finish my office pile ups. Luckily, we had dinner planned at friends place so it was a no cooking day for me and I was at leisure.

It was not the usual day for me, I was quite depressed since morning as I got angry on the tiny human beings whom I made. I tried to be patient but somehow nothing worked and I lost it totally. Honestly, I was agitated with another reason that was pinching me inside and I exploded my anger on the mini me’s. Unfair, I know! But whatever happened could not be undone but that made me ponder upon the priorities in my life.

I was expecting a deal in office for which I had worked really hard for months but that didn’t get materialized and left me distressed. Moreover, I was unable to focus on blogging and had a writer’s block. I missed a few collaborations and paid opportunities too because of the other commitments at workplace. So, it was all chaos around and my expectations were causing anxiety. Flooded with such thoughts, restlessly, I turned towards the wall and looked at the picture of my kids and instantly, a tear rolled down my cheeks kissing my smiling lips.

Was the deal more important than the kids? Or that writing contest or those collabs? Kids are never going to remember how many deals I had cracked at my work but will always cherish the moments of joy spent together playing and cuddling with me. They will not remember whether I won or lost any contests but will definitely treasure the family outings. How many brands I had endorsed will never give them happiness but dancing and reading with them together, will. I questioned myself, “Did I start writing for winning or proving myself to anyone or competing with others?” And the answer was a clear and big NO!!! It was just for my peace and solace. Then how and why it affected me to such extent that I chose it over my honey bees.

This incident again reminded me of the fact that no job, no contest, no laurel, no collab is going to hearten me or uplift my mood but my family, my kids, my husband will always be there. All matters in the end is how happy and contented I am and what makes me elated is the giggles of my kids, their random hugs and morning snuggles whereas many couples long to have their babies. A doting and loving husband who stands like a rock all the time whereas many struggle to come out of their dying relationship. My family back home who loves me unconditionally, few wonderful friends who always have an ear to my problems, a cozy shelter over my head which is a luxury for many who spend their nights on the bench in the park or footpath, ability to feed my family which is a dream for many helpless people who feed water to their hungry kids to make them sleep. All these things are a blessing which we don’t realise and value.

We often tend to forget the little joys around us, the moments of bliss. Instead of counting our blessings, valuing them and thanking Almighty for all the good things in life, we focus more on cribbing about what is lacking. A slight change in our attitude and embracing the life as it is, will surely make the world a better place to live in. I am definitely going to work on it, are you?

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